September 29, 2009

A “Sonlight” Moment

Posted in Homechooling at 7:36 am by Stacy

We are using Core 1 of Sonlight for Bethel Boy’s school this year.  I love all the books we are reading, but what I’ve discovered I love even more is Bethel Boy’s discovery of reading – for pleasure.   Right now his reading book for Language Arts is the Beginner’s Bible, each day we read a story out of it.  He has taken to reading several stories ahead and reading it at different parts of the day and reading it to the little ones.   Oh it does this momma’s heart good to see him not only reading the Bible and learning God’s word, but also learning how much fun it is to just read. 

Thank you Sonlight for helping our family achieve one of our goals with homeschooling – to instill a love of reading for pleasure, and to think, we are only 6 weeks in to our journey!


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  1. Woo-hoo! Keep up the great work [smile]. Love it.


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