October 22, 2009

How I knew we were part of “That Family”

Posted in Family, Fun at 12:23 pm by Stacy

Every year we take our family vacation to this wonderful festival.   We typically go with our youth group from church and Bethel Daddy and I are the cooks for our group.

 This is particular year that I just *knew* we had made it in to the society of  THAT Family.   My son had just turned 5 and we had worked with him for a few weeks of knowing our phone number, just incase something happened while we were at SWC and he got lost.   Since I always have my cell phone that was the number that I taught him.   One small thing – I didn’t teach him the area code.   We took one other precaution.  We went to the hospital and got arm bands that would have all our information on it, but would be small enough that you would have to get up close and personal to read any of the information.   Thinking we were “safe” if God forbid one of our children was separated from us we enjoyed the festival with great enthusiasm.

On the last night of the festival, Bethel Daddy had to go back up to camp for something.   Knowing that it would be quicker if he didn’t take Bethel Boy he went without him.   I was talking with someone and turned around and noticed that Bethel Boy was not around our little area on the green.   I questioned where he went and one of the high school kids said, “I saw him take off with Bethel Daddy”.   Thinking that Bethel Daddy had changed his mind I didn’t think anything else of it…….UNTIL…….

I decided to walk towards the bank of porta-potties.   As I’m walking I see my son riding around in a security cart!   My heart dropped and I ran to the security cart to claim my son!  I had to ride back to the security tent in order to claim him.   I had to answer a bunch of questions, but I asked them why they didn’t call me.   Well first of all they didn’t have the area code and when they called the number without an area code the person had no idea what they were talking about – they didn’t even have a kid!  I asked why they didn’t call the information on his hospital tag they said they never saw it because it was under Bethel Boy’s sweatshirt and he, being just 5, didn’t see the value or more importantly *know* the value of the information that was on there.  Bethel Boy was also insisting that HE wasn’t lost, it was his DADDY that was lost.

Having claimed my son and filled with joy that he was safe and also enjoying at the humor of the situation I called Bethel Daddy (who still wasn’t back) and filled him in.   Now the thing you need to know about Bethel Daddy is that the kids and I are the only thing he has in the world (besides his faith in Christ), both his parents have gone home to be with the Lord.  He takes our health, safety and security very importantly!  To put it mildly Bethel Daddy sort of flipped out.  I think it took him almost a year for him to see the bright side (and humor) of the situation.

I hope you enjoyed our “THAT Family moment” as it’s just one of many.    Head on over to We Are THAT Family to read more “THAT Family moments”.


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  1. Ha!
    Love it!
    Thanks for celebrating with me!

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