November 2, 2009

Gratituesday – Amazing Grace

Posted in Faith at 11:13 pm by Stacy


I am sitting her this evening, the house is quiet – or pretty quiet, I do have Fox News on in the background.  The kids are in bed fast asleep and so is Bethel Daddy. 

Ten years ago if you were to say that my life would be as full and blessed as it is today I would have totally doubted you.  While I had been a Believer in Christ for many years at that point, I found myself faltering in my faith.  I basically gave up and purchased Satan’s lies.

I pursued relationships that ended up in heartache.  I pursued what I wanted, when I wanted it and didn’t care about what it could be doing to myself or those that loved and cared for me. 

But the wonderful thing that I learned is that Christ’s open arms were there to take me back.  

When I first recommitted my life to Christ I knew that I was so unworthy of the grace that I knew that I had received.  I was so grateful for being accepted and loved by my Savior that I didn’t think I deserved anything else.  

Yet I learned that God not only restores lives, He “restores to us those years that the swarming locust has eaten“.

I sit here with a full house and a full heart.  I’m married to a man who loves Jesus and desires to serve Him.  I have two beautiful children that are smart, funny and a blessing.  I also sit here living the life that I never thought I would get.  I’m called wife and mother, but most of all I’m called Child of God.

All because HE is in the job of restoration and that is something to be grateful about.


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  1. Samantha said,

    What a wonderful reminder!

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