2010-2011 Curriculum

Bible – We are using Bible Study Guide for all Ages, I think we are going to be using this in the evenings doing about 1 or 2 lessons a week.  We are using the Beginning Student Pages for Bethel Girl and Intermediate Student Pages for Bethel Boy.

Both kids will be doing AWANA and Bethel Boy will be a T&T this year and Bethel Girl will be a Sparks.

We will be reviewing verses daily using Simply Charlotte Mason Scripture Memory System.

In the morning before school we are using Sonlight’s Core 1 Bible program.  We are reading Leading Little Ones to God as our devotion in the morning before we start school and then following the daily bible reading plan.

Math – Both kids will be using Horizon Math.  We tried a couple programs last year but this is the one that we all liked the best.   With Bethel Boy we are flying through Grade 1.  It is review for him and he only has book 2 to finish.   My goal is to have him finished and into Grade 2 by our first 8 weeks of school.  Bethel Girl is doing Grade K math.

Language Arts – Bethel boy will be using CQLA (Character Quality Language Arts).  We are using the Blue Series and are starting out with level Pre-A.  Since this is our first year using this I’m really praying that it will work for our family.  I like how it is all integrated for us.  Bethel Girl will be using Get Ready for the Code books.  I also am planning on us choosing a letter of the week that goes along with what letter we are studying in Get Ready for the Code.  Since she loves cutting and pasting and everything I’ve been saving up old magazines so she can cut things that begin with that letter out and paste them on a piece of paper.

Reading – For Bethel Boy we using Sonlight Readers 2 Intermediate and for Bethel Girl we are using Bob Books and Sonlight Readers K

Handwriting – We will be using “A Reason For Handwriting” for both kids.   Bethel Girl will be using Handwriting K and Bethel Boy will be using Handwriting B.

Science – Apologia Astronomy.   I let the kids choose what they wanted to study for science and this is what they both chose.  Bethel Boy thinks that it will make him know more about Star Wars.

History – We will be doing Core 1 history.  We started this last year, but needed to step back and concentrate on just the basics, math, reading and spelling.   I am adding on Story of the World and activities to make it a little bit more hands on.

Read Alouds – Since we started Core 1 last year we have read about half of the read alouds from that core.  I am borrowing Core K read alouds to supplement what we haven’t read from Core 1 read alouds and then we will finish up the year with the rest of the year with Core 1 read alouds.


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