February 9, 2010

Gratituesday – Contentment

Posted in Faith, Homechooling, Homemaking at 1:12 pm by Stacy


After spending a few difficult months looking for something – not quite sure what I was looking for, but knowing I wasn’t satisfied with the status quo, I had a “ta-da” moment and realized just what I was looking for.

You see, November we lost a good friend in a tragic accident.  He left a wife and two boys that are my kids ages.   We then moved into the hustle and bustle of Christmas.  Presents to finish sewing, kids to watch and a trip to visit family to plan.   Things fell by the wayside during that time – things like school and time with my Lord. 

Because of that time away from the One who loves me most I kept looking for something.  Was it a job change for Bethel Daddy?  Was it new homeschooling curriculum?  Was it…….?  Many things I wished for and hoped for, yet they all left me dissatisfied and looking for the next thing to do.

It hit me about two weeks ago when we were on vacation that I just was not being content.   God has me where He wants me.  I need to be content and growing where I am.  But as I prayed about it and sought the Lord I was also led to protect my heart against complacency.  

For me sometimes when I have a spirit of contentment I sometimes get a little complacent with things.    I’m striving very hard to have the one, without the other.

But for now, I’m rejoicing in the contentment that I feel about where God has me.

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  1. Days of Grace said,

    Found your blog while ‘tag surfing’. I’ll have to mark it to visit again. I wasn’t familiar with Gratituesdays, but glad to learn of it.

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