March 16, 2010

44 days of school left!

Posted in Faith, Homechooling at 12:44 am by Stacy

I’m so excited because our first year of homeschooling is almost done.  It has been a great year with a few difficulties here and there.   I have learned many lessons, probably more than my son has learned this year!

The biggest lesson that I’ve learned this year is to be obedient to what the Lord calls me to.  I need to do it fully and the first time!   A few things I haven’t trusted fully with this year and one of them I have had to go back and do what I needed to do the first time and the other situation I just need to wait out until the end of the year.   Both have taught me much about trusting Him!

I’m starting to plan for our next year.  Next year I will be homeschooling two!  Yikes! 

We will be doing Core 1 from Sonlight again.  We had to stop halfway through the year because with two extra kids ages 4 and almost 2 here I just don’t have the time and energy to do a core fully.  What’s wonderful about Sonlight is I was able to do what I could and set aside what I couldn’t.   We continued to do the fiction read alouds, but the history portion we will start-up again when the new “year” starts.

I will do readers for each of them at their grade level.  I can’t believe I will be teaching my daughter to read!  We are already starting with 100 EZ lessons and do them when her interest strikes.   

Bethel Girl will be doing  Sonlights K  Language Arts, Horizons Math K and Handwriting Without Tears.

Bethel Boy will continue with Horizons Math 1  .  This is one of those areas that I wasn’t obedient to what I felt God leading me too.  We went with a different math program but came back to this last month.  He is cruising through it very fast doing several lessons a day – because he wants to!   When we finish this we will go to Horizons Math 2.    For Language Arts I think we are going to go with CQLA.  This is one that I need to firm up and make a final decision on, but I’m 99% sure I am going to use this next year with him.   I probably need to work on his handwriting with him, but with the amount of Language Arts he will be doing next year I’m thinking I might not want to fight that battle.  I will be praying through this.

For Bible we will go back and redo the bible lessons from Core 1. 

Lastly we will be doing Sonlight Science 1.  I have everything for it, but like the Core, something had to give this year and this was one area. 

We will also continue with our Homeschool group.  My kids love it and actually Bethel Girl was really wanting to go to public school this next year, but when she learned that she would miss ClubPALS (our Friday School Meeting), she decided that homeschooling was best. 

Now I just need to concentrate on these last 44 days and not look too far into the future with next year.


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  1. May these last 40+ days be a blast that make you even more excited about next year’s studies [smile].


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