March 16, 2010

Gratituesday: Wonderful Walter

Posted in Faith, Family, Fun, Homechooling at 12:53 pm by Stacy


I just need to express gratitude today for my husband.  Here is just 10 things that I’m so thankful for (although there are many, many more).

1.  He gets up early every morning to go work out at the gym.  Why?  Because he knows both his parents died early because of poor health choices.  He wants to be around for us as long as the Lord wills.

2.  He goes to work everyday, at not the greatest place to work (the state prison) and works hard and shares Christ through living his life. 

3.  He comes home and helps so much around the house.  He never complains about my lack of homemaking abilities.

 4.  He enjoys his children.  He takes each of them out on “daddy dates” every so often and is always willing to take one of them along on errands.

5.  He works hard so that I can stay home and homeschool our kids. 

6.  He made me coffee this morning.

7.  He loves the Lord, more than he loves me or the kids, just as it should be.

8.  He grows and changes as the Lord refines him.  Praise the Lord he’s not the same man he was when we got married.

9.  He is my very best friend.  He knows all my secrets and still loves me anyway.  There is no one that I would rather spend time with.   

10.  He is the bible answer man.  Having been raised in a very conservative Baptist church, he has studied the bible many times over in his life.   So he is my go to guy when studying the Bible.  Not only that, he’s an excellent teacher and I love when I get to hear him preach God’s word.  He is gifted for sure.

I have a funny story (or at least funny to me).  We once went to a youth training event.   They gave us a list of things and we had to say from this list one or two things that we are.   One of them said “Water lover”.   I looked at it and read it first as “Walter lover”.  I thought “Who else would be lovin’ my husband?”   I now have to really think if I’m writing “water” to make sure I don’t write “Walter”. 


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  1. That is a wonderful list. 🙂

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