March 18, 2010

Flashback Friday – First Date Edition

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In the 2nd edition of Flashback Friday Mocha with Linda is asking about first dates.  As I started writing about Bethel Daddy and my first date it was hard just to ended there.  I went down memory lane to when we got married.   After that first date we practically spent all our time together – except when we slept and worked.  It seems just like one big wonderful event.

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Here is my trip down memory lane, enjoy!

My first date was Bethel Daddy was on August 31, 2000.  We met at Sizzler in the town we lived in and it was our first time meeting.   We had talked several times on the phone but it was a “blind date”.   After dinner we went and listened a friend’s band play.   When we left there he took me to the hospital to see my sister since she was being induced and then we went out for dessert.   The thing I remember the most about our very first date was how much we talked.   I remember going home that night amazed at how nice he was.

Unfortunately I was just coming out of a bad relationship, actually a series of bad relationships and didn’t think that my date with Bethel Daddy would go anywhere.   He was just such a nice guy and at the time of our date, I was definitely a “bad” girl.   I wanted to hope that he would see the good in me, but I was pretty wounded emotionally when we first started dating that I really thought he would find out that one fatal flaw that I knew I had and leave like the other ones.   I really wasn’t in a good place and if Bethel Daddy would have been smart he would have run the other way.

That weekend we went on another date to the movies and we ended up talking for a long time after.  Each date I kept hoping he was the one, but afraid of getting hurt again.

It wasn’t until mid-October of 2000 that I knew that he was the one.  We went on a trip to Yosemite for the day.  There was huge tension between us and I think we might of even had our first argument.  We hiked and had a picnic.  It was during that hike that he made his intentions known towards me.   We were talking about how scared I was and up until this point we had never touched, hugged or kissed.   I was afraid that if that happened then it would go the same way as my past relationships and I knew he was too special for me to want that to happen.

On our hike he told me that he “felt like a Beatles song”.  Now I’m not that swift on pop culture so all I could think of was “Help I Need Someone” and “Yellow Submarine”   I was totally lost until he started humming the song “I Want to Hold Your Hand”.   As we left Yosemite to head towards home I knew that he wanted me to reach out and hold his hand that was halfway in between us. He was meeting me half way and all I had to do is meet him there.   The whole trip home was awkward as I wrestled with wanting to take that step.   It was so weird after being so “loose” with my previous relationships to agonized so much over a simple hand holding.

We stopped at my friend’s house for a bit and she pulled me aside and talked to me.  She told me that I was pushing away and that if I continued he would go away and what I feared happening would happen.   She also told me that I needed to be nicer to him.   I had heard that same statement from my family.  After we left there and went the rest of the way home I finally said “Fine – here you go” and threw my hand towards his.   I have to say it was electrifying.

God used Bethel Daddy to heal my heart and show me the worth that was within me.   Bethel Daddy helped me return to that First Love that I had walked away from a few years earlier.  He most of all just loved and accepted me for who I was.

On November 11th we were engaged and on January 13th we were married.

We were married just 5 1/2 months after that first date at Sizzler and just over 9 years later we are going strong.   As he has loved me and led like Christ, my relationship with the Lord has grown and healed.  Praise the Lord for His redeeming love!



  1. skoots1mom said,

    isn’t it neat how God brings us together…
    thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Barbara H. said,

    What a beautiful story! Had to smile at which Beatles’ songs you thought he was hinting at at first. 🙂

  3. What a wonderful memory and testimony of God’s grace!

  4. Kim said,

    hahahaha, I would have been just as confused about the Beatle’s song!
    Yeah for still going strong after nine years…
    Your story makes me think of that Forrester Sisters song, “I fell in love again last night”, especially this part:
    “We were talking about some future plans
    And how far we’ve come together since the night it all began
    Then you reached out to touch me and guess what happened then
    I fell in love again last night…”

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