March 22, 2010

Meal Plan Monday, March 22nd

Posted in Homemaking at 12:12 am by Stacy

We did pretty good on sticking to breakfast and lunches from last week.  Dinner, not so much, but we didn’t eat out, just not what I had planned.  Part of that was because I thought I had defrosted pork for the chili verde when I actually defrosted sirloin steaks – oops!  Actually looking at last weeks menu the only thing we did have that I had planned was the Deviled Chicken.

So here is what I’m thinking for this coming week, a lot of repeats.

Breakfast:  waffles, eggs, protein shakes

Lunches:  ham sandwiches, leftovers, eggs and sausage, grilled cheese.

Dinners:  easy chili verde, bbq meatballs, grilled Tri-tip, Grilled Turkey & Veggie Kabobs, grilled chicken and spaghetti pie (or something that I need to make with leftover spaghetti noodles from today).  Oh, maybe I’ll make Chicken Tetrazini or while typing this I think I’ve decided to make Ree’s Chicken Spaghetti.

See how helpful Meal Plan Monday is….I can plan while I type.

Head on over to Organizing Junkie for more menu ideas, I know I will be doing this week so that I have a better idea before I sit down to plan my meals.


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