March 23, 2010

Gratituesday – My son’s heart for the lost

Posted in Faith at 9:53 pm by Stacy


It has been my prayer since I have had children that their simple faith would lead my parents to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.    My 7 1/2 year old is finally realizing that we live a life that is different from Grandma and Papa.

Having just finished reading The Beginner’s Bible, which is part of his school work with Sonlight, it all just kind of clicked for him regarding what Jesus did for us.   Having read the stories of the Bible, heard me read them and watching the movie “The Miracle Maker” he has a deep understanding for what Jesus did and wants to tell others about it.

So with this heart to share the gospel, he came to me and told me that the next time he was with Papa, he was going to sit down, read his Bible to him and explain that Jesus died for his sins.   He then proceeded to tell me that he knows that if Papa just heard, then he would understand and become a Christian.   I then stopped what I was doing and we prayed for just that.

With tears in my eyes, I gave my wonderful boy child a big hug and told him we would continue to pray for Papa and that the next time we go down for a visit he should share Jesus with his Papa.

I went into my room, laid down on my pillow, filled with joy that my son cares so much for the lost and I also had to thank God for leading me to Sonlight for the material that all year has been pointing the way to Jesus and sharing Him with others.

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