March 24, 2010

Thankful Thursday – Internet friends

Posted in Faith at 10:19 pm by Stacy

I have been apart of an online community for almost 10 years.   We have been newlyweds together, had our babies together, struggled with parenting and most of all just supported each other through life.  Today we are dealing with something that I don’t think any of us ever thought we would until we were much older.   The loss of a parent.   My dear friend who lives clear across the country found out that her mom’s cancer is terminal.   She doesn’t know how long she has with her mom.

Today when my friend shared on the message board, all our hearts broke, we gave words of encouragement and said many prayers for her family.  I know if we would live in the same area we would be there for her and I know they would be there with me.

What I love about our friendships is that we come from all different walks of life, political leanings and religious beliefs, yet our bond is strong.  At it’s foundation, the thing that holds us together is respect.

These women, who I have yet to meet in real life yet, are some of my closest friends.   That bond of friendship was shown today and will be shown in the weeks and months to come as we come along side our good friend who will grieve the loss of her mother.

I’m thankful that I can call these ladies my friends.

Please go over to Women Taking A Stand to find what others are thankful for this Thursday.



  1. gemini said,

    Yes, blogging friends can always lift our spirits….so let’s keep posting, we need everyone to cheer our life through.

  2. Heather G said,

    Lovely Stacy! Thanks for sharing & for being there.

  3. angie said,

    This is a very hard situation I lost my father and shared in the loss of my husbands mother. The situations were both very difficult

  4. angie said,

    I feel for your friend and will pray for support, understanding and a feeling of love in this loss

  5. angie said,

    internet friendships have been a blessing for me

  6. Denise said,

    So sad, praying for your friend.

  7. michele said,

    yes, I have few very close internet friends who have been a real blessing inmy life also. Very thankful for them.Praying for your dear friend

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