May 18, 2010

Gratituesday – Salvation Edition

Posted in Faith, Family at 9:00 pm by Stacy


This week I’m very grateful that my little girl accepted Christ as her Savior last Thursday night.   Bethel Girl will be 5 in July and lately she has been asking lots of questions about heaven, Jesus and trying to figure it all out.   During our family prayer time last Thursday night she asked about going to heaven.   I asked her if she knows what she needs to do to go to heaven and all those AWANA verses she has learned came to her mind and out her mouth.   She said she knew she needed to ask Jesus into her heart and life, that Jesus needed to forgive her of her sin.  I asked her what sin was and she said “wrong choices and bad attitudes”.   We prayed together as her dad and I led her in praying and asking Jesus in her life.

What a wonderful blessing for Bethel Daddy and I to be able to lead both of the kids to Christ, Bethel Boy was just the same age when he excepted Christ.  Nothing is more important as we parent.  It is the one decision that will shape and mold the rest of their life.   It is my prayer that their hearts will continue turning towards the things of the Lord and that their faith remain child like.

Please join Laura at Heavenly Homemakers for more Gratituesday posts.


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