August 5, 2010

Best Laid Plans

Posted in Family, Homechooling at 10:06 pm by Stacy

I’ve had all these plans about schooling through the summer.   We got off to a good start and then summer fun came calling.  We had Bethel Girl’s Birthday, the local fair, a day at the lake, AWANA training and haircuts and walks and trips to the park.   Many things on that list won’t be quite as easy to do when winter rolls around here.

So that led to all my wonderful plans to be erased from my book.  Yep,  I took the eraser to it and decided I’m only going to plan 4 weeks at a time and see where that leads me.

For now our days are spent taking walks in the morning, sleeping in (for mom at least) and relaxing and just playing.  We will start school towards the end of August.  Maybe when the traditional school starts – then again maybe we will wait till after Labor Day.

But that’s the joy of homeschooling!


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