October 6, 2010

Finding a grove

Posted in Family, Homechooling at 1:04 pm by Stacy

I feel like we are *finally* finding our grove with schooling.

Workboxes are working well for us.  We just got BethelGirl set up with them and for her I’m using them loosely, mostly so she feels like she is doing school like brother.  They are working well for BethelBoy and I’m finding I don’t get asked the question “Are we done yet?” 30 times a day.

Language Arts is going as well as it can for my reluctant writer, Bethel Boy.  I’m really liking CQLA.   We are starting our 2nd week of the second session and while I’m still not doing everything that is available in each weeks lesson, I do know that Bethel Boy is learning and he’s not fighting me as much about Language Arts.

We are enjoying science, Apologia really is one of the best curriculum available and I’m so glad we are using it.   You know it’s great when you non-school loving son is talking to his public school cousin and telling the cousin how he’s learning Astronomy and how it doesn’t have “Anything to do with Star Wars”.

As always we are in love with Sonlight.   We are doing Core 1 and Bethel Boy is using Reader 2 Intermediate.  We have added Story of the World to our History and it is a great fit, the kids love the map work and coloring pages that come along with it.

Horizon Math is still working well for us and I can’t wait until Bethel Boy is able to use Teaching Textbooks.  Hopefully next year!


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  1. Glad to hear things are up and running smoothly [smile]. May that continue!


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