February 8, 2011

How do you do it all?

Posted in Family, Homechooling, Homemaking at 7:39 am by Stacy

We are entering a busy season of life and some days I just feel overwhelmed, especially when I look at my “to do” list.

At the first of the year we took a different direction homeschooling.  I signed up with a Charter School.   After a month, this so far has been a wonderful decision for our family.   The kids are blooming.   Bethel Boy actually got exciting about a writing class!  YES A WRITING CLASS!  I can hardly believe it myself!   We have a wonderfully supportive teacher.  She encourages me, which I desperately needed, and she has so many wonderful ideas and tips to give us.    In this last month Bethel Boy has taken a biology dissecting class where he has gotten to check out the insides of a worm, crayfish, fish and frog.   It has been the hands on learning that he has craved and that I just didn’t know how to give to him.   Bethel Girl is started reading!  She picked up a book last night and read quite a bit of it.   AMAZING!!!

But one thing I’ve been struggling with is balancing it all.   I have a part time job that requires 5 hours a week, AWANA secretary duties which amounts to about 2 hours outside of club work (and this past week even more!), basketball 3 nights a week, AWANA one night, schooling, dance, classes in town, etc.  I’m finding it really hard to keep my house clean, laundry done and folded and dishes caught up.   On top of all this Bethel Daddy has picked up some extra hours at work, so things that he used to do (helping with the house, laundry and dishes) I feel like I need to do it all because he’s working so hard for our family.

So as I look at a floor that needs desperately to be swept and a dryer full of clothes that need to be folded, two weeks of work that needs to be dealt with (I was sick last week) and kids that are asking for breakfast, I guess I need to shut down the computer and just do things one thing at a time.   It’s the only way it will all get done.


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