May 9, 2011

Wow, it’s been a long time

Posted in Training at 3:58 pm by Stacy

I’m finding that life is just hard to keep up with.  Between homeschooling, homemaking, working part time, church responsiblities, you know – life – it’s hard to keep up with everything so things have to drop and unfortunately writing in this space is one of those things that had to give.

But now that AWANA is done (a major responsibility for me) I have one less thing on my plate and I’m excited to cronical a few things that we have planned for the summer.

The first thing is that Bethel Daddy and I are training for a 5K, 10K and then a half marathon.  Today we have a run and I can tell you I’m already thinking of every excuse why not to do it.   But my Love will be home around 5:00 and I will be ready for him.  The kids will ride their bikes and Bethel Daddy and I will run.  Today is a run around the neighborhood.   We have three spots that we are running.  We are looking forward to seeing how our time and distance goes farther with each run.

I’ve never been one to complete something.  When the going gets tough….Bethel Mommy wilts and quits.  As we were planning on training schedule I was noticing days when in the middle of the summer it will be hot.  Hot to the point where I won’t want to run.  But I will because my love will be there cheering me on, plus several friends.


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