May 14, 2011

Week 2, Run 2

Posted in Training at 4:01 pm by Stacy

I will admit that yesterday I just didn’t want to do it.   I even told Walter that I wasn’t feeling great and lets just skip it until today (Saturday).   When I finally told him the reason (I’m just lazy), then he told me to have my running shoes on by the time he got home.   For once I was an obedient wife (ha) and put my running gear on.

We drove to my new favorite place to run, a long straight road with slight grades.  The kids can ride their bikes, the dog can run.  It’s paved, but we’ve only encountered one car.  During the afternoon there is lots of shade, a beautiful meadow to look at and lots of deer (Echo loves that).

Here is the view:

The only bad thing was my attitude still kind of stunk and I picked a fight with my husband over silly stuff, but one advantage to being a bit “ticked off” was that I had my best mile pace yet.  I was able to just put my earphones in (they are noise canceling) and escape into my own little world.

Tomorrow is going to be a test.  I’m thinking we are going to want to run early in the morning (around 7) to get it out of the way before church and to not have to deal with the snow that should be falling later in the day.    We will probably just run around our neighborhood.

Miles this week: 7.35

Total since May 4 = 9

Miles before May 4 – 0


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