May 15, 2011

Week 2, Run 3

Posted in Training at 7:53 pm by Stacy

I woke up in a cruddy mood today.  I just more than anything wanted to be left alone, so the family went off to church and I just relaxed, finished a book, had a great cup of coffee and cuddled with the two cutest dogs.

When Bethel Daddy got home from church he asked me if I was ready to go run.  I think I shot him a dirty look.   I have yet to find my “want to” with running, I think it pops up every now and then, but most of the time my “want to” is sitting on the couch.

I got up and we took off.   It was 37 degrees and spitting snow.   Since the weather was so bad we left the kids at home with instructions to not go outside or get into anything.   They are pretty trust worthy kids so I figured things would be ok, plus we were only going around the block a few times.

Since I had thought spring had arrived, my gloves have been put away, the quickest pair I could find was my gardening gloves.   Who cares, I’m not trying to win a fashion contest of being the best looking runner, I’m just getting out there.  So off we went with a skull cap on my head (with a pony tail bump), big thick leather gardening gloves, my iphone, husband and dog (we left the pup with the kids).

I forgot to start the Nike GPS app on my phone so my mileage was a little bit off, but I had only went 5 minutes before I noticed it.   So I’m saying that I went the same distance as Friday.  1.99 miles, but the exciting thing is that my time went down again.  Even Lance Armstrong came on and told me that it was my best time yet  😉

So it was bitter cold, windy and it really started to snow as we finished, but I did it.   And I was in a better mood than when I went out.

So here are my stats:

Miles this week:  9.35 (will reset on the next run)

Total Miles since May 4th 10.99

Miles before May 4th – ZERO!


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