May 23, 2011

Week 3, Run 3

Posted in Training at 9:04 pm by Stacy

Bethel Daddy stayed home today so we could enjoy some family time since he was gone at Men’s retreat this past weekend.

We decided to go on a run together about 8:30, during the process of getting ready, Bethel Daddy pulled something in his back. He tried to push on but could hardly walk and was standing crooked. I called the Dr, got him an appointment and left him to deal with his disappointment of being sidelined. If there is one thing that Walter doesn’t like is being sidelined for anything. He hates anything that hinders his mobility.

I go to my favorite running place, just Echo and I. This is a treat because I usually would need to take the kids. I started my GPS program and then I started my C25K program a little bit sooner than I wanted. I just went with it. I felt really good during all of my runs and instead of turning back at the 1/2 way point I kept going through all my runs and then turned around and walked the rest of the way. Since I felt so good I wanted to go the farthest distance that I have so I pushed.

On my walking back I kept up a pretty good pace. The GPS gives me times at quarter mile marks and at 5 minute marks. I got a wild hair and decided to run some more. I started thinking “I’ll run to just that tree” and then I would get to that tree and decide to go to the next one. I would then run again and decided to walk at a quick pace and then I broke out in running again. I was just amazed that I went above and beyond what was required of me and I felt good about. I might be turning into a runner yet.

When it was all said and done, Lance Armstrong’s voice came on to say that I went farthest and was the best time yet.

So here are the stats:

Miles this week: 6.09 – I went on one less run during this week.

Miles last week: 7.01 – I miss calculated this. I just reviewed my runs.

Miles since May 4th: 16.39

Miles before May 4th: BIG FAT ZERO!


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