May 28, 2011

Week 4, Run 2

Posted in Training at 8:31 pm by Stacy

Today I went 2.91 miles.  I really wanted to push myself because I would love to hit 25 miles by the first.   It leaves me 3 days to go 4.06 miles.   Maybe I will go for a mile walk tomorrow, that is if it stops snowing.   Yes, it’s May 28th and it’s snowing right now, quite briskly.

We went on our run late because we had to run into town and had issues getting what we needed.  Once we got home, about 3 hours later, we changed and loaded up the kids bikes and Echo.

I started out at a pretty brisk pace (at least for me).  I walked for 5 minutes before I turned on the “couch to 5K” app.  Something happened and about 3 minutes in it restarted the app.  Oh well, about 15 minutes of walking before I started my first 3 minute run.   It felt great, I stayed strong throughout and found that I wasn’t listening for the “you have 15 seconds left” sound.  The next walked seem too short, but it was only a minute and a half.   Next came 5 minutes.   I did a pretty good job of running the whole time, not super speedy, but I kept an even pace and ran for the complete 5 minutes.  The rest of the runs were pretty much the same.

To cool down I had about a mile to walk back to the car.  I tried to keep up a pretty brisk walk and even ran a few more times, running between telephone poles and trees.   There were a few times that as I was in a running series I went farther than  I had originally planned.  Over all I figure that I ran a little over 20 minutes with the 5 minute stretches being the most.

So tomorrow I hope to get out for a mile walk.   I won’t break any speed records, but it will just feel good to stretch those muscles out that are a little sore tonight.  Monday morning, Lord willing,  we will repeat today’s run.    It feels good to be getting stronger.

I even commented to Bethel Daddy that when we are in San Diego in a few weeks we will be at the place in the program where we are to run for 25 minutes.  How exciting to go run around the harbor with the cool sea breeze blowing and running strong for those 25 minutes.  Plus it will be easier because we will be doing it 5500 feet lower than we are training at now.


Miles today:  2.91

Miles this week: 4.55 – I start my weeks on “Wednesday”

Miles last week: 6.09 –

Miles since May 4th: 20.94 – Can I make 25 in the next 3 days?

Miles before May 4th: BIG FAT ZERO!


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