June 4, 2011

Week 5, Run 2

Posted in Training at 6:16 pm by Stacy

It wasn’t the easiest of runs today, not because the cycle of run/walks was hard, but because I woke up with a sinus headache and it just wouldn’t go away.

After a meeting at church and some time at home it was time to put the foot to the pavement.   It wasn’t my fastest, it wasn’t my longest and no records were broke.   It was just a get out and get it done run.

I guess in anticipation of my run and getting ready my headache did feel better and actually now I’m feeling pretty good.

A few rain drops fell as we ran and afterwards it just opened up and poured!

Today’s Run/Walk cycle was 5 Walk, 8 run, 5 walk, 8 run, 5 walk, 8 run, 5 walk, 8 run, walk for a minute or two (doing the runs twice from the original program).

Up on Monday is 20 minutes of running at once.  Should I do it twice?  Walk 5, run 20, walk 5 run 20, walk 5?

Miles today:  2.84

Miles this week: 5.99

Miles last week: 7.39

Miles in June:  5.99

Miles in May: 23.78

Miles before May 4th: BIG FAT ZERO!


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