June 25, 2011

Second Saturday of 1/2 marathon training

Posted in Training at 6:30 pm by Stacy

What an AWESOME 4 mile run this morning.   We got up at left around 6:30 and the temp was just about perfect.    We went on the Bizz Johnson Trail.  We are going to start making our long Saturday runs on the trail since that is where our half will be.

I felt really strong running.   I walked for the first .25 miles and then pretty much ran the rest of the way.   There is a slight grade as I ran for the first 2 miles, but once I turned around…..all down hill baby!  That’s why I’m running this half, there is hardly any hills.

I wish that I would have brought the camera this morning because it was so beautiful.   There was beautiful meadows, the river down bellow and flowers were blooming, the sky was blue – it was just wonderful.   I can’t wait until next Saturday.

I didn’t run on Thursday (3 miles) or Friday (2 miles) because I hurt my ankle on Tuesdays run.   Last night my legs were so achy and I think it was because I didn’t run those days.  My body is actually craving it!  Yeah!   And after my run today, what a high I felt.  I felt strong and like I could go out and do it again….right then.

Miles today:  4.01

Miles this week: 4.01

Miles last week: 5.04 (Due to my ankle)

Miles in June:  24.51

Miles in May: 23.78

Total Miles:  48.29

Miles before May 4th: BIG FAT ZERO!


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