July 6, 2011

June 28 – 3 mile run

Posted in Training at 7:52 pm by Stacy

With a trip to Reno,  Bethel Boy’s 9th birthday, my 39th birthday and honestly the rise in temperature this past weekend just didn’t make me want to run.   So today it was off for a 3 mile run.   Just Echo and I went off  to run on River Bench.  I walked the first quarter of a mile and then ran .75 miles, walked a little and then ran most of the rest of the way.

No “trotting” issues so that was nice.  The hardest part was just getting started, after that it felt good.   New running shoes were nice also.

Miles today:  2.99

Miles this week: 2.99

Miles last week: 6.47

Miles in July:  2.99

Miles in June:  26.97

Miles in May: 23.78

Total Miles:  53.74

Miles before May 4th: BIG FAT ZERO!