Welcome to our little place on the web.

We hope you are encouraged while you are here as we share our faith, our homeschooling adventures and our life.

Who we are:

Bethel Momma.   A 38 year old, SAHM.  She enjoy sewing (and hopefully she can share some of that here), reading and most of all her family.  She loves our Lord and is so thankful for the gift of her husband and children.

Bethel Daddy:  A 39 year old teacher at a prison.  He loves mountain biking and his family.  He is passionate about telling people about Jesus.

Bethel Son:  Our 8 year old wanna be Jedi.  He’s a great big brother and is developing a love for reading and the Word of God.

Bethel Daughter:  Our 5 year old little princess.  She is all about girly things like dresses, dolls and pretties.  She has a great sense of humor and is the one that keeps us all on our toes.

Bethel Dog:  Our wonderful Yellow Lab mix that we adopted last winter.  She is my constant companion and the sweetest girl.


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